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visit our location:
65 rue des Navigateurs - Saint-Gilles les Bains
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm
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Support in energy management and energy efficiency

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Photovoltaic self-consumption

Our latest project: E.Leclerc Photovoltaic Power Plant - La Réserve

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E.Leclerc Photovoltaic Power Plant - La Réserve

Instrumented energy audit

Green Tech

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How an energy audit works - Interview with Anthony Bouteiller
About us
Since 2012

Green Tech history

GREEN TECH specialises in the innovative, eco-responsible field of energy efficiency, energy management and production. Energy management is a comprehensive approach aimed at improving a company's energy efficiency. energy efficiency. In practical terms, companies in Réunion can sustainably reduce their electricity bills and the associated environmental impact.

Since 2012

An independent company, Green Tech was set up to help companies on La Réunion deal with energy issues, which are far from their core business.

As part of a comprehensive service, Green Tech supports its customers in their day-to-day energy management (energy management actions -EMD-, instrumentation of electrical consumption -ICE-, energy reporting, preventive and corrective maintenance monitoring) and provides technical and financial support for Energy Efficiency -EE- projects.

In addition, Green Tech is a producer of cooling and electricity, on a third-party investment basis (cooling unit production plant, self-consumption photovoltaic plant).


Green Tech's positioning is quite unique. Where service providers traditionally offer one-off support, such as an energy audit, Green Tech provides a long-term service, ensuring that performance is maintained over time, with the aim of achieving energy efficiency.

Green Tech's added value for the project owner lies not only in its technical expertise, but also in its positioning as a third-party player alongside the project owner, acting as a catalyst to facilitate the implementation of actions in favor of better energy management and compliance with regulations.

Over the years, the company has opened up to various sectors (tertiary, healthcare, industry, tourism) and other activities (instrumented energy audits, innovative and research projects, photovoltaic solar power generation, refrigeration production, etc.).


Years of experience

Support / Audit / Research / Photovoltaics / Tertiary Decree

Our Missions

Support for MDE

The best energy is the energy we don't consume. Energy Demand Management implements energy efficiency and electricity management solutions to reduce electricity consumption.

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Photovoltaic solar power generation

Producing energy is one of the ways in which we are moving towards better energy solutions. This allows us to have a positive environmental impact while reducing our electricity bills.

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Instrumented energy audit

The energy audit is the essential step in identifying energy savings, improving the quality and comfort of a building and defining levers and an action plan for energy management.

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Tertiary Decree

Declarations on the OPERAT platform are compulsory for all tertiary buildings or business premises with a floor area of 1,000 m² or more under the tertiary decree.

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Research & innovation

We are developing research-oriented projects partly funded by institutional backers (Ademe, EDF). These focus on the energy and economic assessment of technologies in real-life situations and understanding current practices.

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What we do

Our Références

Some references and projects carried out by Green Tech

audits énergétiques BUNGALOW

BUNGALOW program

A CEE program, Bungalow focuses on the energy savings inherent in the operation of tertiary buildings, particularly those in the hotel sector (which are particularly energy-hungry) on Reunion Island and Mayotte.


Aurar framework contract

Assistance with energy management at all Aurar sites (11 sites), installation of photovoltaic power plants on buildings, regulatory declarations.

Areas: air conditioning, lighting, electricity, medical water loop.


Leclerc framework contract

Assistance with energy management and control for the entire Leclerc Réunion network (15 stores + head office).
Fields: refrigeration, air conditioning, centralized management, heat production, lighting, electricity.


Self-consumption photovoltaic system Hyper E. Leclerc les Terrass in Saint-Joseph

Green Tech is an integrator and investor for self-consumption photovoltaic installations.


Energy audit of GHER (Groupe Hospitalier Est Réunion)

Instrumented audit to improve the energy performance of GHER infrastructures.

The approach
Green Tech at your side

Our Approach


The energy transition we all want to see requires a profound transformation of our energy system, and innovation is a key pillar in achieving this.


We believe that changing current working practices in the energy field and getting everyone involved are real challenges if we are to achieve greater energy efficiency.


Optimising the operation of a facility, good operating practices and the choice of and the choice of equipment are key to achieving the best results in terms of energy management.

Renewable energy

For customers who want to go even further, Green Tech helps them to deploy green energy production systems.

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Towards energy efficiency in Réunion

Our latest assignments in Reunion Island

Instrumented Energy Audits

Photovoltaic plants in operation, under construction or planned

Monitoring sites

The current challenge of the energy transition calls for innovation in better-adapted systems to achieve higher performance. Green Tech's missions are to diagnose and propose solutions.

Hundreds of thousands of euros saved

Managing energy demand is an essential pillar for making real financial savings, and Green Tech encourages, advises and supports its customers.

Thousands of tons of CO2eq avoided

Reunion's electricity is highly carbon-intensive. By avoiding consumption and installing low-carbon means of production, Green Tech and its customers avoid emitting thousands of tonnes of CO2 every year.

Years of experience
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Green Tech has built its expertise on the energy and economic evaluation of technologies in real-life situations and understanding current practices through feedback from the heart of the operation.

The team

Our Team

Our motivation is a renewable and non-polluting natural energy source!



Energy technician


Energy technician




General administration

Dominique SALEZ

Accounting and financial assistance


Energy technician

Yan Tauzia

Energy technician

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