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Green Tech supports its customers on Reunion Island in the following areas

Support for energy demand management (EDM)

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Day-to-day support, at site or park level

Tracking / Identification

monitoring energy consumption, identifying and implementing energy efficiency actions (optimizing settings, changing equipment, changing usage) and detecting any deviations.

Follow-up / Organization / Maintenance and support

follow-up and organization of preventive and corrective maintenance, assistance in the event of operating anomalies, identification and implementation of energy efficiency actions.

→ Help with grant applications.

CEE, ADEME, Region, FEDER, BPI France, EDF... There are many ways in which you can help reduce your electricity consumption or, more generally, contribute to the energy efficiency of your sites.

Project assistance (AMO) for energy-related projects


support for design offices, organization and monitoring of work, acceptance, fine-tuning and optimization.

Green Tech

Some References

Potier Group framework contract

Assistance with energy management and control at all sites, installation of photovoltaic (PV) power plants on new buildings and regulatory declarations.

Domaines : froid, climatisation, gestion centralisée, production de chaleur, éclairage, électricité.

Aurar framework contract from 2021

Assistance with energy management at all Aurar sites (11 sites), installation of PV power plants on buildings, regulatory declaration.

Domaines : climatisation, éclairage, électricité, boucle d’eau médicale.

Leclerc framework contract since 2014

Assistance with energy management and control for the entire Leclerc Réunion network (15 shops + head office). Monitoring preventive and corrective maintenance for all energy-related technical issues: commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, centralised shop technical management (GTC), lighting. Proposals for improvement, monitoring consumption....

Domaines : climatisation, éclairage, électricité, boucle d’eau médicale.

Instrumented energy audit

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As the first step in managing energy consumption, an energy audit enables you to define an effective action plan with a rapid return on investment.


→ installation of measuring equipment (1 week to 1 month) in order to carry out an "inventory" of the installation

Identification & assessment

→ identification and assessment of potential savings (cost and savings potential)

Support & implementation

→ support for the implementation of selected actions

Green Tech

Some References


Instrumented audit (15 days in summer, 15 days in winter on each site) on 6 tertiary buildings belonging to Sodiac with the aim of identifying the share of the main uses in the site's consumption and the potential for savings on electricity consumption.

BUNGALOW programme

The CEE Bungalow programme focuses on the energy savings inherent in the operation of tertiary buildings, particularly those in the hotel sector (which are particularly energy-hungry) in Réunion 974 and Mayotte 976.


Instrumented audit with assistance in setting up actions and raising awareness among site users. The Kabardock is a concert hall on Réunion Island, in the town centre of Le Port.

Photovoltaic production

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As an expert in energy management, Green Tech offers self-consumption power plants (after optimizing consumption).

sizing of the plant according to residual electricity demand, third-party investment, operation and monitoring of production over its lifetime


In some cases, self-consumption is not appropriate, so Green Tech offers power plants that sell electricity back to EDF.

plant sizing, third-party investment, operation and lifetime production monitoring

Green Tech

Some References

Self-consumption PV installation at Hyper E. Leclerc les Terrass in Saint-Joseph

Green Tech is an integrator and investor in self-consumption PV installations. All the parties involved (Green Tech, Leclerc and CBO) work together to optimise PV production.


Self-consumption photovoltaic installation at Hyper E. Leclerc La Réserve in Sainte Marie

Green Tech is an integrator and investor in PV power plants. Thanks to self-consumption photovoltaics, the shop consumes less electricity from the EDF grid.

Photovoltaic installation for resale in Le Port

This project is currently under construction following a call for tenders issued by the CRE (Commission de régulation de l'énergie). The electricity produced will be fed into the grid and used by EDF to power buildings (homes and businesses) in the surrounding area.

Tertiary Decree

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Green Tech offers assistance with the Tertiary Eco Efficiency Scheme (DEET), also known as the "Tertiary Decree".

Declarations on the OPERAT platform are compulsory for all commercial buildings or premises with a floor area of 1,000 m² or more.

There are reporting obligations, but also targets to be met by 2030, 2040 and 2050.

Depending on the customer's needs, the actions will be :

→ the implementation of a strategy for declaring CPEs (Reporting Functional Entities) between landlords and tenants

→ creation of a user account for access/declaration on the OPERAT platform, and EFA declarations

→ data analysis to define the "best strategy" for declaring consumption in the light of consumption, possible sub-activity, usage intensity indicators, etc.

→ The declaration of consumption by the EFA (Reporting Functional Entity) for the reference year,

→ Annual monitoring to declare the year's EFA consumption and update the EFA.

Green Tech

Some References


Support for the owner in completing the regulatory declarations for the Forum and the gallery tenants.

Hôtel le Saint Pierre and Hôtel l'Archipel

Completion of regulatory declarations on the OPERAT platform and analyses to optimise declarations so as to achieve the -40% reduction targets by 2030 as easily as possible.

Gallery La Réserve in Sainte Marie

Assisting the gallery in completing regulatory declarations and monitoring the declarations of the gallery's tenants. Analyses to optimise declarations to meet 2030 targets.

Research & Innovation

→ projects financed by institutional players (ADEME, French government, EDF), linked to the energy and economic assessment of installations in real-life situations, and to changes in working practices.

+262(0) 262 010 317

Green Tech

Some References


Research project looking at the potential for reducing demand for air conditioning in tropical climates and optimising the connection of buildings to a virtuous cooling network.


Research project to promote the emergence of efficient air conditioning in the tertiary sector in Réunion.

Implementation of an OCB programme

Ademe Réunion wanted to carry out a Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) programme on a sample of high-performance tertiary programmes in Réunion.